National Black Men in Leadership Award Nomination

Business Leader Award

The Business Leader Award recognizes Black male executives and leaders who, in their professional and personal lives, personify outstanding qualities and attainments in leadership, creating and promoting a culture of inclusion and foresight to lead social change within their organizations and communities.


  • Contributes to creating and promoting a culture where Black Male talent is supported and leveraged for organizational success.
  • Demonstrate leadership excellence and high visibility in the Black community.
  • Maintains a record of professional accomplishments.
  • Operates with the highest integrity and ethical behavior.

Community Leader Award

The Community Leader Award recognizes Black Men for their commitment as transformational leaders to creating greater equitable opportunities in advancing community-driven, innovative, and sustainable solutions to critical issues facing underrepresented communities.


  • Demonstrate superior commitment and provide effective leadership, community engagement, and support to address the needs of the community and its citizens.
  • Effectively mobilized volunteers, partners, and resources to serve the community.
  • Inspires others to engage in community outreach and service.
  • Cultivates and promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives that establish and foster a more equitable society.

Business Impact Award

The Business Impact Award recognizes an organization for its extraordinary and unfailing commitment to the advancement of DE&I in the workplace and communities through engagement, innovation, creativity, strong business practices, and transformational leadership.


  • Contributes to creating and promoting an organizational culture that supports and leverages Black Male talent for optimal success.
  • Demonstrate leadership excellence and high visibility in the Black community.
  • Shows a consistent commitment to the recruitment, development, and retention of individuals from all populations.
  • Cultivates and promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives that establish and foster a more equitable work environment.
  • Cultivates and promotes diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives that establish and foster a broader equitable society.

Racial Justice and DE&I Advocacy Award

The Racial Justice and DE&I Advocacy Award recognizes individuals, companies, and organizations committed to building awareness and advocacy to bring about racial and social justice elements, including diversity, inclusion, and equity.


  • An extraordinary commitment to providing a critical voice necessary for change and seeking long-term sustainable actions that promote racial equity and justice.
  • Promotes and believes a social justice framework guides diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives forward by explicitly addressing issues of injustice.
  • Demonstrates dedication and a continuing commitment to advocating for diversity, equity, inclusion, and racial justice in their workplace and beyond.
  • Supports the exploration and advancement of racial justice and provides resources, opportunities, and access to racial justice initiatives and resources.
  • Actively works to dismantle structural racism and address policies, practices, systems, and other activities that promote or maintain inequitable opportunities or resources for historically minoritized or marginalized individuals and populations.

Outstanding Educator Award

The Educator Award recognizes Black male educators who significantly create positive impacts for students and communities.


  • Employs effective instructional practices that are replicable and scalable to influence the quality of education globally.
  • Active works to build equity in education by increasing Black male teacher representation.
  • Employing innovative instructional practices that address the particular challenges of the school, community, or country has shown sufficient evidence to suggest they could be effective in addressing such challenges in a new way.
  • Impact in the community beyond the classroom provides unique and distinguished models of excellence for the teaching profession and others.
  • Helping students become global citizens by providing them with a values-based education equips them to a world where they can potentially live, work, and socialize with people from many different nationalities, cultures, and religions.
  • Improving the teaching profession through helping to raise the bar of teaching, sharing best practices, and helping colleagues overcome any challenges they face in their school.

Entrepreneurial Award

The Entrepreneurial Award recognizes the most ambitious Black male leaders who are visionaries on a transformational journey to create, innovate, and build sustaining, successful, dynamic businesses worldwide.


  • The controlling owner must be stated.
  • An entrepreneur who has been in their present business for a minimum of three (3) years.
  • Exemplify leadership in their respective field.
  • Demonstrate the importance of entrepreneurship and building values-based companies to effect positive global change.
  • Business sustainability and profitability (profits, growth, innovation, and efficiency can indicate this).
  • An inspiration for existing entrepreneurs and encourage others to become proficient, effective entrepreneurs.
  • Understands and demonstrates a positive, authentic societal impact that inspires others to act.

Emerging Leaders Award

The Emerging Leaders Award acknowledges and celebrates exemplary leadership in young Black men ages 18-26 who transform lives through significant contributions, dedication, achievement, and continued service.


  • Makes a positive impact in their organization, profession, or community.
  • Has a proven record of increased responsibility, influence, and sustained success.
  • Demonstrate peer leadership and executive leadership potential.
  • Demonstrate values of courage, inclusiveness, innovation, faithfulness, persistence, and humility.

National Black Men in Leadership Student Scholarship

We are excited to announce the opening of nominations for our Annual National Black Men in Leadership Student Scholarship! This is a wonderful opportunity to recognize and support a young individual who has demonstrated exceptional achievements and potential.

Nomination Deadline: June 3rd, 2024

Ensure your nominee is considered for this scholarship opportunity by submitting your nomination before the deadline.